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Financial Pro, Mom & Senator

Natasha von Imhof is a fourth generation Alaskan. She was born and raised in Anchorage. Natasha graduated from Harvard College in 1992 and earned her MBA from the University of Washington in 2007.

Natasha started her career at the National Bank of Alaska as a branch manager and commercial loan officer. She then worked as a financial analyst managing funds for Alaska investors interested in solid, reliable growth.

From 2012 to 2015, Natasha served on the Anchorage School Board. Natasha was elected to the Alaska State Senate in 2016, where she has served on the Senate Finance, Senate Resources, and Senate Health & Social Services Committees, as well as the Legislative Budget & Audit Committee and Legislative Council. She currently serves as Co-Chair of the Senate Finance Committee. She is the Senate representative on the Alaska Healthcare Transformation Project.

Natasha and her husband Rudi reside in Anchorage. They have two children, Liesel and Nick. In her spare time, she enjoys running, hiking with the family dog Jago, cooking and reading.

My Motivation

I would be honored to continue representing you in the state senate in order to ensure Alaska remains a place where future generations may find jobs and raise their family. When I am in the Chugach Mountains, looking over Anchorage, I am in awe -- there is no other place I would rather be. I will work to make sure our kids and grandkids feel the same.

Natasha von Imhof for State Senate

Natasha at the range

My Priorities

Spending Cap:

A stable and predictable government will attract new investment in our state

“Alaska has the habit of spending and growing government during high revenue years. A spending cap will keep our spending in check over time and give us the fiscal stability we need over the long term.”

Balanced spending:

We don’t have a fiscal crisis, we have a priority crisis

“I support funding core government services, delivering those services efficiently, and making sure that all government spending is affordable and sustainable over the long term.”

No Income Tax:

I do not support an income tax at this time.

“As long as we are paying a large Permanent Fund dividend, I cannot justify taxing Alaskans only to turn around and pay it out as a dividend. I support Alaskans keeping their income and investing it in their families, education, businesses and community.”

Protect the Permanent Fund:

The Permanent Fund is one of Alaska’s greatest assets. It is critical that we protect it for future generations.

“It is very important that we protect the viability of the Permanent Fund by not taking any additional draws from it beyond the annual Percent of Market Value (POMV) structured draw of 5%. If we take more than that, the Permanent Fund will shrink and return less money in the future to Alaskans.”

A Vision for Alaska:

I have a vision that includes essentials being met, a good education, job preparedness for all Alaskans and expanding economic growth in our state.

“The state must join forces with non-profits to ensure vulnerable Alaskans have access to essentials, like housing and food. Investing in education and job preparedness will create an educated, job-ready workforce. It takes the state working hand-in-hand with private industry to expand wealth and opportunities for all Alaskans."

Why Natasha?

“I have a deep and genuine passion for our community and a willingness to work hard. While I have firm beliefs about some issues, I am also able to listen deeply and encourage multiple viewpoints to shape the final result. I am very concerned with the future fiscal health of our state and I am ready to make the tough decisions and help be part of the solution.”

Natasha and family hiking

Natasha von Imhof

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Alaska is my home

“Growing up in Alaska, I have developed a deep love and appreciation for our great state. I have explored Alaska from Prudhoe Bay to Petersberg. Through my work, volunteering with community organizations and enjoying the outdoors, I have connected with both the people and the land. I am proud to call Alaska home.”

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